Twitter is now more accessible!

We always like to keep on top of the social media platforms we use, especially when we can use new updates to our best abilities… social media optimisation of course! We also like to keep our clients up-to-date with new features that the platforms which they use have integrated in case they would like to make use of it.

Much to our delight, Twitter has taken an important step forward within the world of accessibility to make their website and app more accessible for those with visual impairments. They have realised that this could be done quite simply – they’ve combined accessible features with a popular, robust platform. We already know that Twitter is used by millions of people around the world who document and share what they are doing during their days. Twitter are now making leaps in terms of Artificial Intelligence (A.I) and how it can help those with Visual impairments (V.I)

To get more people who, live with disabilities more integrated and involved with their local and online communities, an increasing number of companies are making their apps (or products) accessible. Twitter is one company who have used one of the latest technologies in A.I that can easily read pictures; describing them out-loud to somebody who lives with a visual impairment and may not easily be able to see the screen. We know what you’re thinking – Artificial Intelligence doesn’t have eyes, right? So how can it tell someone what’s in the picture they want to look at? Quite simply, it recognises certain shapes, pixel number in certain areas, and colours to define objects – as well as inputted meta data.

We know that this type of technology has been part of Twitter (along with most of the major social networks) for some time now, but using this feature to do more than just read our information for advertising purposes is a great change! This new feature will broaden Twitter’s user database, meaning that it will now include more people with vision restricting conditions and allow a group of people in society to be included in social media to a whole new level! This means that more views and opinions will be shared and heard, and these users can finally join the online conversation.

Unfortunately, these functions are not turned on as default, so whether you’re a super V.I user or not, we reckon you should take the following steps so even more users can join in and interact with YOUR content, whether as an individual or a company page.

Turning on image descriptions for Twitter:

• Open the Twitter app

• Open the sidebar (swipe right, or click your stunning profile pic)

• Tap Settings and Privacy

• Tap on Accessibility

• Switch on Compose Image Descriptions


Manually adding descriptions to your pictures when you tweet, so other V.I users can join the conversation:

• Compose your amazing tweet

• Tap to add an image

• Tap Add a Description at the bottom left of the image you’ve selected

• Type your description

• Tap Apply

• Share your SUPER tweet to the world to let EVERYONE see it!

We think Twitter deserves a huge YOU ROCK for their efforts on this feature. It’s so great to see that social media really can work for everyone out there! If you’re a company that wants to learn how they can reach out to the V.I community of superheroes, or if you just need some help with your social media in general – why not give us a ring, we’re more than happy to help out! Get in touch with us today.