Sagacious Management

Sagacious Management came to us with a brand new business that had no assets apart form a name… and then handed the reigns over to us! We created their logo and a website – enabling us to get our creative juices flowing and help them to create a brand that would enable them to build their client base and grow their new business.

Logo Design

The Sagacious logo needed to be simple, clean and eye-catching. The blue square behind the S  catches the eye and when teamed with the clean and clear font it really allows the logo to present the business for what they are…

Smart, straightforward and professional.

Website Design

The brief for the Sagacious website enabled us to have full creative control over the design. The guys at SMC provides us with the content and imagery and we then in turn designed a fully mobile responsive WordPress website that looks as beautiful on a smartphone as it does on a widescreen desktop monitor.

The simple navigation tops a flowing and clean design, which carries through the clear blue colour from the logo. Section after section the site flows down the front page allowing visitors to navigate easily.

The site has 8 navigational elements (including a comprehensive site wide search) and uses a rollover drop down navigation to allow quick access to the internal pages of the website.

The site is also fully integrated into the businesses social media channels (which we also built for them) and has an intelligent ‘contact us’ section which flows through to the relevant departments email accounts.