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TWS Contracts

I just wanted to say a quick thank you! As always you continue to produce brilliant stuff for our social media with little or no assistance from us. So thank you to you guys!” – Helen | TWS Contracts

Recently at Super Digital we have used our amazing super powers to help another business grow! TWS Contracts is a cleaning company for large businesses and cooperation’s who have lots of places and spaces which need to be cleaned. To do this, they first needed a website, which is where Super-Digital came to save the day!

We have created a professional, easy to use website for TWS Contracts and whilst doing this, we also worked on the SEO of the site; optimising their site for local search terms. This means that we made the page accessible to Google by editing their content to make it visible in search by potential clients. This results in TWS Contracts’ website being easily found in Google’s search pages. In turn, this increases visibility for the business.

The website that we created is simple, clean and professional which is giving out the appropriate image of TWS Contracts. We have done this by including a range of images and clear headings for people to use when they visit the site. Within the website, we implemented a range of blogs which focus upon anything that has a link to cleaning; enhancing the reliability and friendliness of the company. Many of the blogs include amusing themes, one of the most recent being about a cleaning game! Having blogs not only helps with search visibility and SEO, but may also answer any questions that users or clients may have for the company. Having a website is a brilliant way of sharing the contact details of your business, from phone numbers and addresses, to email addresses and social media platforms – something TWS very much needed.

Speaking of social media, we also manage each social media channel the company has. These include, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ – which we also created for them and linked to Google Maps (but we’ll mention that later) On social media, we are able to share posts which are relevant to the business itself, without necessarily sending out friend request after friend request from personal accounts. Instead, we use our skills to compose witty, yet informative posts with the aim of engaging with potential new customers and clients.

Using Twitter for business is also a great way of interacting with potential clients, due to the use of hashtags and the tagging system.
After all, the more followers you get, the greater the engagement with new clients!

Finally, (as we mentioned above) we have placed TWS Contracts onto Google Maps which again increases the visibility of the company and aids local search. This means that it gives possible clients the ability to find out if they are within the area which TWS covers – saving time for everybody.

Hopefully, with our help at Super-Digital, TWS Contracts will grow as a business and spread the joy of cleaning your spaces for you,

If you would like to find out how we can develop and optimise your social media and website, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.