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Dynamik Management

Dynamik Management Services Limited are a management system consultancy specialist. It is their job and passion to design and deliver bespoke management systems, these systems can be, but not limited to; Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety and SIA ACS. Dynamik came to us with a need for new, refreshing “dynamic” content on their website to draw in their kind of client. Later on, we also developed a new site and logo for them which looks very snazzy 😉


Dynamik decided they would like a fresh coat of paint (so to speak) and we were on-hand to listen and take into mind their considerations when designing their new online look. The site needed to retain its professionalism and realism, but it needed to be exciting to look at. It also needed to be unique and bespoke for it to come off as a true original piece of work. Aftyer a lot of aideas back and forth, we settled on a torn paper look, which makes their site look absolutely 100% different to any other site we’ve seen, whilst keeping in with that managerial/office theme. The content remained as informative as ever, only now it was much more fun to read because of the new look of their site.

The site was built on WordPress and included a smart video banner, smart loading homepage, blog section, live chat, services pages and smart booking forms for their courses. We also optimised the site for a variety of highly comepetitive search terms, ALL of which Dynamik now ranks on page 1 of Google for. How’d you like them apples?

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