Mysterious ways the iPhone X is taking Twitter by storm

All companies love it when their target audience promotes their content without being asked to – especially when it goes viral on social media. As we all know, social media marketing is one of the key aspects of a digital marketing plan – as social media is where a huge chunk of website traffic comes from nowadays (particularly on mobiles). But what about when that marketing is becoming more of a joke, than beneficial promotion of a new product?

Everyone knows that Apple have now released their iPhone X (there’s no way of avoiding it) and of course, the lucky bunch who received theirs first took to social media to show off their new gadget, which is great for Apple as it will encourage people to order their own now they have some reviews on the latest product. However, as the time has gone on, Twitter has slowly but surely gone into meltdown…

Users have been taking their daily selfies on their new iPhone X, but they are now worried that the new camera is too good! They have now noted that their “selfies are in full blown HD”, as well as discovering that “…the iPhone X camera quality is better than our actual eyes”.

Is this a good form of social media marketing for iPhone? Well, after looking through these (now viral!) Tweets, we’re not so sure.

People are becoming increasingly upset by the camera, as they feel it’s bringing out their flaws, which other cameras don’t yet do – thankfully!

Is it a good thing that the iPhone X is making people feel ugly? We didn’t think so.

And there’s more!

We all know about THAT recent advert by Samsung, who have thrown some serious shade in Apple’s direction, and we all know that Samsung is famous for their good camera qualities. So, were Samsung waiting for this to happen to iPhone X users before they released their shady advert? Turns out this social media marketing battle is going to decide which iPhone users are going to switch to Samsung – and it’s happening already!

Do we know which will win? Probably not, but we do know that this is the result of either great, and scheming marketing from Samsung’s side, or poor marketing from Apple’s side who are yet to comment on the unfortunate tweets.

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