Meet the Superheroes

Looking to find out about the superheroes behind the scenes here at Super Digital HQ? Well, below you’ll see the bios of our main team members, be able to read about their experience and exactly what there super powers are.

Chris Derrer


Managing Director

Chris is the guy who started Super Digital… now it may sound like something out of a film, but it all started with a dream. Tired of working for “the man”, Chris had a dream one night that he ran his own digital marketing agency where they did things the RIGHT way. A place where creativity was encouraged, a place where clients needs were the top consideration and a place where he could allow others to grow and hone their skills. He even dreamt up the name – Super Digital!

A self confessed comic book and superhero geek (hence the name and company logo), Chris loves digital marketing. Fully trained across all disciplines, he can turn his hand to anything, from web design to copywriting and SEO, he’s even a dab hand at social media and graphic design!

Since graduating from his Masters Degree, Chris has worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands and businesses to hone their online presence. But he still gets super excited about the prospect of helping startups become multinationals!

Adam Carr


Head of Design & Development

Here is where our SUPER DUPER new member of staff, Adam will write a lovely bit of blurb about himself, they’ve just started, so give them a chance to get thier blur written, ok?

Until then, we’ve just written some stuff here that fills the space and makes the page look more symmetrical, because lets face it, appearances are important. That’s why in pretty much every superhero movie there’s some kind of montage about how they make and improve their suits.

Has that filled enough space? Not yet? Dammit.

OK, so what else can we say? Well, we don’t want to say too much as that will also make the page look less symmetrical, so it needs to be short, snappy and concise. Any ideas? No?

YES! It’s enough, thank goodness for that.

Rob Di Franco


Paid Search Specialist

Rob is the absolute DUDE when it comes to all things paid search. As a fully qualified Google Ads partner, Rob is tasked with managing all of our PPC/AdWords/Remarketing/Paid Search campaigns for our clients and he does it like an absolute boss.

An avid Chelsea fan (and general football fanatic) our very own Italian Stallion will happily advise you on your PPC campaign requirements – or tell you why Chelsea are the greatest powerhouse in world football. The choice is yours. Although we’d probably advise you take the former route, unless you’re up for a lively debate!

So whether you want help with Google Shopping, Ads, remarketing or anything inbetween, Rob is your man. He’s also likely to take you for a beer (or coffee if you’d prefer) to discuss your goals and work out a package that’s best for you… I mean, who WOULDN’T that appeal to?

Matt Percox


Digital Marketer

Whether it’s social media, content creation, or SEO Matt displays a can-do attitude, versatility, and a willingness to help Super Digital clients achieve their desired online presence.

Matt’s initial choice of career path saw only a small overlap into SEO and digital marketing. Over time his interest and base knowledge of the subject had grown and he decided that his future was better dedicated to social media management and digital marketing.

At home, Matt takes rest away from the screens and stats and likes to play his guitar along to his favourite songs, whilst also making his own. Who knows… in the future, he can maybe compose a worldwide Super Digital jingle that you’ll all sing along to!