Instagram Update – WHAT HAVE THEY DONE?

Instagram Banner

Usually, our social media apps update on our smartphones and we barely even notice… but when Instagram decided to roll out an update where they changed their existing icon, logo and the style of the app in general, people seemed to lose their minds.

Gone is the cool Polaroid/instax type camera with the rainbow strap and we’re left with a weird pinky-rainbowy-lame camera icon. Instagram have claimed that the new icon was “inspired by the previous app icon, the new one represents a simpler camera and the rainbow lives on in gradient form.”  As you can see from the below,  Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse have had the same treatment.

Instagram Icons

The inside of the app has changed too, but these changes are nowhere near as drastic. The people who share 80 million photos and videos every day don’t seem to be anywhere near as upset with these changes either… perhaps because seemingly NONE of the functionality has changed (that we’ve discovered yet anyway). Now although from a marketing point of view, we may have wished that the simple addition of the ability to post links in posts had happened (it didn’t) – this is a BIG sign that Facebook is making wholesale changes to Instagram, some of the biggest since the purchase of the app back in April 2012.

Since the buyout, we’ve seen the addition of Instagram advertising (controlled via Facebook pages) and an ever increasing push towards monetisation of the social network with algorthm changes that apparently “hide” peoples posts (they don’t they just promote paid posts higher), but should Instagram users be concerned that their beloved network of pictures of peoples dinners, snaps of ugly cute babies and 20 second videos of cats playing the piano is soon to become a marketers dream, filled with clickbait and adverts?

We wouldn’t be surprised – be afraid Instagrammers, be very afraid.

Here’s Instagram’s video of their latest update:

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