The Ghost of Christmas Past. The Ghost of Christmas Present. And the Sausage Roll of Christmas Future.

The Greggs Christmas advert has taken the internet by surprise over the last 24 hours. We all love Christmas adverts, whether they’re on TV or on social media. And all businesses take to marketing like a storm during this festive time. But sometimes, companies either take it a little too far, or just completely wrong! This has recently been the case for Greggs, who thought that people would only see the funny side in what they shared, but unfortunately, many people found it offensive…

Greggs Christmas Advert

Whilst Greggs have since apologised for such an advert, Twitter users have become even bigger fans of the bakery. Oh, and did we mention, #GreggsNativity is now trending on Twitter – so at least they got themselves some social media recognition, right?

Here at Super Digital, our main concerns are not surrounding the lack of tomato ketchup, or the amount of meat that one sausage roll holds, or the replacement of he who died for our sins. Instead, we’re more concerned about how Greggs are going to create a new Christmas advert for their marketing campaign which is going to make as much publicity as this one – whilst keeping ALL audience types happy.

These are things which we can do, and already do for our current clients. So, Greggs, why not slide into our DM’s with a sausage roll and we can help you out?

The Greggs Christmas Advert has left the nation with two important questions:

1. What will Greggs do next?

2. Will the sausage roll become the new ghost of Christmas future?

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