How to get a verified brand account on Facebook

It’s seems like an unnecessary step at first, but verifying your Facebook account does have it’s benefits. For starters being verified gives you a clean cut look by improving your brand’s credibility. It also helps you appear higher in Facebook seraches (facebook even admintted this). However, not many people are aware of how to verify their brand account, or what the requirements are to verify a brand account. Luckily, here at Super Digital, we know a trick or two and we have got your back! So here is how you become verified…

It all starts by going into your settings, as most things to setup on Facebook tend to start, and you’ll need to be able to find your general settings and look for your verification options, under “Page Verification”. Your current verification status will reside there, if you’re not already verified it will say “Page has not been verified”. Now that is the part we need to change … however, if your page is currently listed as a product or service, the verification option will not be visible. So you’ll have to pick another category – perhaps “Local Business” or something relevant to you.

You’ll need to edit this and click verify this page, to which you will encounter a box that will need a phone number putting into it, however you don’t want to just put any old number in, you need to use your organisation/ brand’s publicly listed telephone number, such as an inbound office landline. Should you have an extension there are options to add the number extension to your phone number that was entered earlier.

After this is completed and submitted there will be an option for Facebook to call you. Don’t be alarmed, this is simply an automated service that Facebook runs in order to give you the 4 digit code to verify your account. So keep the pone nearby and a pen and paper even closer, so you can make sure you’ve got it right. Once that’s completed and the 4 digit code is received and entered you can click continue and then sooner rather than later you should be all set up and verified!

We know for some businesses it’s not always convenient to use a phone number, but luckily Facebook does offer a 2nd option… verify using official business documentation. If you upload one of the following which displays your company name, you’ll be verified within a few days manually by the lovely folk at FB HQ:

Business utilities or phone bill

Business licence

Business tax file

Certificate of formation

Articles of incorporation

Having trouble completing this by yourself? Don’t hesitate to call the super-heroes at Super Digital, for advice or services towards social media and online presence, contact us.