Facebook Pages Start Displaying Usernames

Facebook Pages Start Displaying UsernamesHas anyone else noticed that on a very small amount of Facebook pages that the @username has started to display underneath the page name within the header banner? It seems that on a selection of pages that the type of business has been replaced by a Twitter style @username – and we think we know why!

Now when you’re the admin of this page and you hover over the @username, you get the first message as shown below. However, when you’re the admin of a page, you see second message.

Page Messages   Page Message 2


This suggests that this is yet another move by Facebook to raise awareness for businesses of direct messaging and encourage customers and potential customers to interact with businesses directly. Is it to stop complaints from being broadcast to the world? Have Facebook seen a dip in advertising because so many businesses are scared of investing for fear of negative feedback? Quite possibly.

They first made this shift towards direct messaging a few months ago with the introduction of the ‘Responsive to Messages’ green badge – that could be earned by responding to every message received within a short period of time.

Below we see the green badge how a page admin would see it, and then how page visitors see it – if your page doesn’t have this… then you need to get better at responding to messages ASAP!

Responsivity RateResponsivity Rate2



So over the next few weeks and months, we’re expecting more and more pages to start showing off the @username and for Facebook to introduce more and more ways to encourage direct messaging to pages and businesses – time will only tell whether this will effect how businesses use Facebook and how much is invested into this initiative – but if you’re getting a lot of negative feedback from Facebook trolls, maybe you should be adopting this technique quickly, to get your complaints behind closed doors!

If you’d like more information on how you can use Facebook messaging most effectively for your Facebook page and business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or fill out the contact form on this page.