Dumbwaiter Lift Solutions

Dumbwaiter Lift Solutions came to Super Digital in need of a brand new website. This included a whole redesign and re-build, whilst maintaining the well-known style of their old website. Maintaining their style meant that the transition for users and clients from old to new, would be simple and straightforward; people will still recognise the company in other words. We stuck with WordPress, we stuck to the colour palette in their current logo which we used throughout their new website to promote consistency, and everything that Dumbwaiter Lift Solutions offers as a company.

Dumbwaiter Lift Solutions Homepage Sections

The homepage has been broken up into three different sections, each consisting of relevant information and links to the designated landing pages throughout the Dumbwaiter Lift Solutions’ website. Scrolling down the homepage from top to bottom, the user will first notice a services section, which shows four animated, specifically designed icons which each represent a particular service.

As the user scrolls down further to the next section, they will see an About Us section, which will give them information behind the business. This is also CSS animated, which allows the homepage sections to flow nicely and creatively onto eachother.

Finally, just before the footer at the bottom of the homepage, the user will see a specifically created contact form in order to get in touch with Dumbwaiter Lift Solutions in just one click; saving time.

Product Page

Incorporating columns into the Dumbwaiter Lift Solutions’ website maintained the consistency of colour, theme and style – as well as breaking up the page of information in an eye-catching way. Buttons have also been incorporated into the columns to redirect the users to the item they’re looking for.

Contractors Corner

Since the majority of users of the Dumberwaiter Lift Solutions website are contractors and installers, it was important that we gave them their own space when on the site, so that they only view what they need to view. This saves them a lot of time, and often money. We have done this by uploading a downloadable PDF file, as well as including an interactive FAQ section below.

Contact Page

Dumbwaiter Lift Solutions required their Contact page to be simple and to the point. Therefore, we integrated Google Maps and their location into the website to show users exactly where they are, along with their address and opening times. Since their new website is mobile optimised, this allows users who are on the go, or using their smartphones, to copy and paste the address and use their satnav straight away.

We are so glad that Dumbwaiter Lift Solutions came to us, and we are extremely pleased with the outcome of our website design project – check out their new site here. We have another happy client! If you would like to find out more about our other clients, click here.

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