Are there any differences between social media platforms anymore?

Everyone’s thinking it and we’re gonna go ahead and say it… ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS ARE BECOMING TOO SIMILAR!

Ever since Facebook started trying to take over the world, they are trying to turn everything into Facebook. Even the stuff they don’t own seems to be being influenced… we’re looking at you Twitter.

1. Facebook, Instagram and even Whatsapp Stories are a mimic of Snapchat Stories – there, we said it.

2. Extended Snapchat text length – SNAP… CHAT… not text chat.

3. Extended Twitter character length #280 – seriously, when does a tweet stop being a tweet and become a “post” or a “status”? What is Twitter’s USP now? More on that later…

We also thought that the poll feature on Twitter was cool because apart from a few dodgy Facebook apps, it was exclusive to Twitter, but surprise surprise… Both Instagram and Facebook have these features now too! We have made use of the new Facebook poll feature here if you want to take a look at what it looks like. To be honest, we now prefer the Facebook Polls over the Twitter polls. And as for the Instagram Polls… no comment.

As we mentioned above, Twitter has recently updated their system so that users now have 280 characters to use instead of the classic 140. There are a LOT of mixed opinions on this, as some people believe it to be a huge improvement, whereas others think that it’s making the meaning of Twitter fade away. Twitter is a microblogging site; the whole point of a Tweet is that it’s short and concise. Will Twitter users have the attention span to read Tweets that are now the length of a detailed paragraph? Is it just a ploy to make life easier for marketers? Half of the fun was trying to be clever and engaging enough in just a few words, now that has gone. #SadFace

The new 280-character limit is being seen as a godsend by some businesses and marketeers. Business accounts now have more space to include more keywords, more links, more blurb.

So, do we think that it’s a good thing that all of the social media platforms are becoming the same? We’re split. As much as we like anything that can benefit our clients, we can’t help but feel a bit miffed about all of the major social networks becoming a bit too samey.

For those of you worried about how to best take advantage of the new 280 character limit update, we have put three top tips together below.

• DON’T make use of the 280-character limit in every tweet you post

• Remember to still use shortened URL links to keep things looking tidy

• Try not to bore your audience with loads more info than what they were content with originally. ONLY use the 280 when you absolutely HAVE to.

If this is something that you’re worried about, why not get in touch with us to find out more about our social media marketing services?