A Day In The Life Of A Digital Marketing Superhero

Meg’s Edition

What could be better than working with another bunch of superheroes doing something that we all enjoy you might ask? Well, I’ve always got something to do, which means that my days fly by, and for me – there’s no such thing as that horrible Monday morning feeling anymore, which is great for a superhero that normally starts functioning after midday. I now function from 9am-5pm extremely successfully, and with relative ease.

A day in the life of a DMS (Digital Marketing Superhero) at Super Digital headquarters is pretty awesome as far as work goes. I have numerous responsibilities which keeps my extreme organisation skills in-check, I get to do a little bit of admin here and there, I’m in charge of creating cool content for our lovely clients and I even get to make important decisions! I am lucky enough to do all of this, as well as loads of other stuff…

9AM – 10AM

So, at 9am I grace the other superheroes at HQ with my presence and do a round of tea and coffee (which is actually one of the most important jobs of the day I’ll have you know) and then I settle down to my well-decorated workspace area, and start up the bat-mobile. Kinda. I start up my laptop.
I then do the usual morning stuff, checking emails, checking, double checking, and triple checking all social accounts for clients JUST INCASE. And if it’s Thursday? Well, I take some time to bop along to Spotify’s Throwback Thursday Playlist.

10AM – 1PM

10am calls for seriousness to kick in. 10am till 1pm is my window of opportunity to create content for clients’ social pages, and to up-date the all-important spreadsheets which keep the whole team in check. This is also the time where I create some pretty cool images for different bits of content on Photoshop, and of course… send THOUSANDS of emails to our chief superhero. Well, maybe not thousands, but there are a fair few.

This is also my time to schedule content which has already been approved for upcoming weeks – this may sound like a simple task, but when you have as many clients as we do (it’s our blog, we’re allowed to boast) it can take a while to ensure that everything has been done to perfection. Much like a jacket potato.

1PM – 2PM

LUNCHTIME!! Since we have moved office, there’s some cool things that we superheroes can do during our lunch break. Usually, I pop to the fancy coffee shop around the corner, or meet up with some friends for lunch, or, if the weather is bad (can’t fly in high winds or rain – my cape would get wet) I stay in the office and chill on the snazzy sofas and sort out my own social media.

2PM – 5PM

Afternoons are cool at HQ; the boss sometimes brings us snacks. But of course, my daily tasks continue. Since all social and content creation has been sorted, I usually spend my last few hours optimising webpages of websites for SEO, and doing some super important keyword research. I also get to create kick-ass content for new, developing websites for clients, like webpage banners and blogs. As well as this I spend time creating email campaigns for various clients, and do some social research to improve the interaction and engagements our clients receive online.

5pm is a sad time here at Super Digital – it’s home time. So, I turn off my (ENORMOUS) desk lamp – seriously, it’s the size of a floor lamp – pack up my stuff, put my cape on and leave the office with the other superheroes – ready for another day.

Favourite Jobs!

To be honest, it’s hard to make that kind of decision since I love my entire job, but below are my top three (if I HAD to choose) :

• Email marketing

• Content creation

• Creating blogs