A Super Cheat Sheet for Facebook Image Dimensions 2017

One of our pet peeves here at Super Digital HQ is the amount of time we waste on trying to find the right image dimensions for the various types of media content we share across our social media, as well as our clients’ social media. Whilst this wastes time, it can also sometimes prove to be wrong, which means we need to spend more time resizing and editing images, for what should be a two second task!

Because of this, we have decided to find the right image proportions and put them into one, simple cheat sheet for everyone to use. We have found the recommended pixelage for the most commonly used features on Facebook – a cover photo, a profile photo, a Facebook photo and Facebook video, and a page post image.

We know how much of a pain it is to constantly be resizing images, uploading them, deleting them, editing them, and uploading them again, so why not just use the right dimensions in the first place and simply upload and leave it looking and fitting perfect, WHILST maintaining a high resolution and image quality.
With our new cheat sheet you can have the best of both worlds! After all, it is super important to ensure that your Facebook page looks great – especially if you’re a business who frequently shares product images.

Hopefully, you will find it much easier and be able to save precious time when resizing images for the most frequently used features on Facebook – all you need to do is open up this page and each of your answers are here!

If this sounds like it’s still too much for you, why not drop us a message on our Facebook or Twitter and we’ll see what we can do! Alternatively, why not Contact Us if you prefer a phone call.