Social Listening … What Is It?

With Social Media becoming a must-have tool for all business people, small to medium enterprises and mega-corporations, it’s no secret that it is a vast resource with great flexibility and an unrated amount of potential market information. Not only...

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Facebook Business Page Layout Changes

Facebook is making changes to help people who are most important to your business connect with you on your page. The plan is to include a few more of our business page's favourite features, such as the range of services and to make them more prominen...

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SLL Certificates – does my site need one?

Now that GDPR is out of the way - the digital world has now found something new to panic about endlessly. Welcome to, "Does my site need an SSL Certificate?". Sit back, relax, and decide for yourself at the end of this post. What is an SSL Certifica...

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Instagram TV

What is Instagram TV?

As we all know by now, Facebook bought the photo-sharing app Instagram a while back, and since then Instagram has become a bit of a beast for us marketers. Recently reached one BILLION monthly active users, he app has announced a brand new feature: I...

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We’re Certified dotmailer Partners!

We hope that you're as excited as we are about this SUPER news... We can now say that we are CERTIFIED DOTMAILER PARTNERS! What does this mean we can hear you asking yourself - well, for starters, it means that we're even more able to improve YOUR bu...

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GDPR – What?

We're going to keep this as short and as sweet as physically possible - we're just as fed up as you are hearing about the (what seems to be) dreaded GDPR stuff. We've included in this blog three things you need to know: 1 - What it is (in English)...

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dotmailer Summit 2018

On Thursday 19th April 2018, the digital marketing superheroes from Super Digital HQ travelled to the Park Plaza Hotel in London for the Dotmailer Summit. The aim of the event was to help marketers like us develop our email marketing capabilities eve...

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No More Wetherspoons Social Media?

The pub/restaurant that holds the hearts of many throughout Britain. The meeting place of all pre-drinks, end-of-year celebrations, random pub lunches, and random beer lunches. There are 900 Wetherspoons’ across the United Kingdom, everyone knows o...

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How to Start Using Instagram Shopping

As of this week (20th March 2018), Instagram Shopping is now available to retailers and merchants of physical products within the UK. The brand new product tagging abilities basically means you can now have a linked tag within your Instagram post tha...

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What is Vero & Should your Business be on it?

There's a new kid on the block, you may have already heard of it, or even have an account... it's called Vero and it's being called the new Instagram. But what is it? Oh, and more importantly, should your business be on it? The Vero website explai...

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