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The New Super Digital Website

From old to new

Following a few months of hard work here at Super Digital HQ, we are proud to present you with our new website! The purpose of creating this new website, was to improve our UX and better engage with our clients… plus, just LOOK AT IT!

Every superhero gets a new costume now and again, and just like those heroes, we felt it was time to give our website a new pair of tights.

You may remember the previous website’s homepage, which on the whole we were happy with. We just wanted it to be a bit more dynamic. A bit more WHOA.

Before, you may remember the superhero flying in and remaining on the page as below:

To make things more dynamic, we now have animated clouds, sun and flying birds, as well as a flying superhero who then pops up at the front of the clouds with a special message, as you may well have already seen below:


But that’s not all this super cool immersive landing screen has to offer, the sky also goes dark at night time, come back later today and you’ll see a dark sky filled with twinkling stars.

All of this animation was done with CSS alone, no Javascript included, other than for allowing the website to judge the time of day – pretty cool huh?

Stay tuned throughout the year for seasonal updates… we’re thinking snowfall during the winter, witches flying on broomsticks at halloween and fireworks in the sky on bonfire night! Send us your ideas for more seasonal edits over on our social media profiles (listed at the top and bottom of the website).

A Better User Experience

We’ve also tried to make it easier for our clients to contact us by including a contact button in middle of the homepage, taking you straight to the contact page. 

Our Live Chat is now also more prominent, meaning that you can talk to us when we are available during office hours, from anywhere on the website.  If we’re not here, then that Live Chat will become a contact form, allowing you to still get in touch and leave a message.

Another area where we have improved our User Experience is on the Service Pages. You will no longer need to press a button to be diverted to a contact page, as you can contact us from right within the service page about the specific service of ours you’re interested in!

We wanted to make it easier for our clients to get in touch with us, and now you can from many more places within the website.

We hope you enjoy the new website as much as we enjoyed creating it for you!

For more information about the services we offer, check out our service pages on the website above, or get in touch with us

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We thought our new website was pretty cool, so we entered it in the CSS Design Awards, not expecting anything… But then we went and won…

Not 1, not 2, but THREE awards. Best User Experience, Best User Interface and the Special Kudos award for “exemplary work”. Fancy that eh?