Wait… your site isn’t mobile optimised yet?

Mobile Responsive Web DesignSeriously…? If you’ve got this far into 2016 without optimising your site for mobile devices, then you either need to have a strong word with your SEO guy/digital manager or yourself.

“Why does my website need to be mobile responsive?” we hear you ask.

“It looks fine on my iPad” you say.

Ignoring the fact that your site may “look fine on iPad”, that’s not the only important factor here. All of the major search engines (Google is the only one that matters) know exactly what device you’re viewing a website from, whether that be your 32″ desktop PC, a 13″ laptop, your iPad or your generic Android smartphone – THEY KNOW!

Combine this with the fact that Google also knows if your site isn’t mobile responsive (or doesn’t have one of those awful mobile versions – *cringe*) and this gives them the ability to hide your website from search results on mobile devices. Are you spending time/money on an SEO package to increase your rankings and get more traffic? If you are, but your site isn’t mobile optimised… STOP RIGHT NOW – seriously, call your SEO person and tell them to down tools. They’re wasting their time.

Instead, spend the time/money you’d spend on them over the next 2 or 3 months on getting your site up to scratch. Update to a new mobile friendly design, or failing that get a mobile version *cringe again* – as soon as you’re up and running with a responsive design, your site will get crawled by all of the search engines within a few weeks and your mobile rankings will inevitably start to rise and match your existing rankings for non mobile search.

Amit Singhal, head of search at Google parent Alphabet explained LAST YEAR (seriously, where have you been?) that over HALF of all google searches are now from mobile devices and that doesn’t include tablets/iPads. So like we said… if you’re not mobile responsive and mobile optimised yet, make it happen ASAP, as you could be missing out on more than half of your potential traffic.

For more information on how to become mobile friendly or tips how you can optimise your site before mobilegeddon, please get in touch. We can even build you a mobile friendly website from just £300 – find out more here.