PPCWhen it comes to Pay Per Click, you want somebody who will be completely honest with you and spend your money the best way possible to get the biggest ROI. That’s exactly what we do, we can advise you on everything from what terms to target, which landing pages to point at and how much each click or impression is worth. That’s not it though, if you need us to, we can take care of the whole process for you.


A lot of people ask… “What is AdWords?”

Well… “AdWords allows subscribers to pay for advertising on Google as both text and banner ads. The ads are targeted to keywords on the web page or search results page that displays the ad.”

As with PPC, any of the above can be managed by your friendly neighbourhood Digital Superhero. Either on a consultancy basis or down in the nitty gritty management of each ad.


You know those adverts that follow you around when you’re online? That’s remarketing!

Basically, when you’ve visited a webpage that has remarketing enabled, when you leave that page and visit another website, you may well see an advert that the previous website has paid for you to see in the hope that you’ll go “oh yeh, I was meaning to go back on that” and click through back onto their page.

Understand? Don’t worry if not, we do and we can do this for you. Not sure it’s for you? Just ask and we’ll explain it all and how it could work for your business. If you’ve got any questions or want to find out more – get in touch

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